Today is a national holiday.   It’s a day off for many, a day to sleep in or “get a few things done around the house.”  


Today is a day we should, nay need to thank those who serve so diligently now, thank those who served in the past, and remember those who have fallen.  Go find a serviceman or woman and shake their hand.  They’re not hard to find No base or post nearby?  Go talk to your neighbors.  I’m betting there is a veteran or half dozen in the neighborhood.   Take a ride down to the local VFW and look around.  Next time you’re at the hockey game or the ball game, take a glance around while they’re playing the National Anthem.  Those folks standing tall and proud?  The ones with their hats off and no beer in their hand?  I’ll bet your next cup of coffee they’re vets. 

Think about how you can listen to the radio, watch the television, read the papers, or surf the net and find differing points of view.  Think about how you can say or write that you support the president or don’t with equal freedom.  About how you can gather peaceably with your fellow citizens without fear of retribution from the government and worship in the church, temple, synagog, or mosque of your choice.   You have these freedoms and many, many others thanks to the service of the guy or girl next door.

So the next time you have the chance to thank a veteran, you better take it, holiday or not.  Get out of your little box and say hello and thanks to that kid in uniform at the airport or the ball game.  You’d be surprised how much that little gesture means.  Don’t forget to add that husband, wife , mom or dad standing next to them.  They serve as faithfully and as fully as any GI.  Ask my mom.

To any and all vets, past and present, it was an honor and a privilege to have served with you.  Thanks for all you do.




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