Where’s my long johns?

We got a little snow in town, but a mere 25 miles northeast there’s an extra foot on the ground.  I wouldn’t have minded the extra inches.  The weather guru’s are calling for highs in the -20’s this week, low’s to -35, and the lack of snow is a concern.  When the bottom drops out of the thermometer and there isn’t a layer of snow insulation on the ground, the freeze line goes deep.  About 6 feet deep.  All my lines from the well and to the septic tank are about that deep.  You can see the problem.

It’s a chore kinda wekend this weekend.  The SO is off to a conference in Los Anchorage so I have the chance to get some of the chores done around here.  There’s firewood to be brought in, kindling to split, and I suppose I can clean the loose snow off the drive.  Shouldn’t be too bad of day to be outside; it’s only 10 below.

I have a post running around my mind dealing with our man in DC, Barry, his wonderful statements to the guys and gals at Elmendorf this week, and how they don’t quite align with what he’s actually doing.  It just hasn’t gelled yet. 

I’m off to do battle with some trees.



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