Christmas thoughts

I think I have it figured out.  There have been exactly seven original Christmas songs ever written in the entire history of humankind.  Everything you’re hearing now (and have been since before Thanksgiving this year) is a variation on an old theme.  The holidays aren’t depressing because people are alone or away from family.  They’re depressing because after the eleventy bazillionth time of hearing the obnoxious ditty about Grandma and the reindeer, you’re ready to off yourself.

Or someone else.  Have you noticed how irritable people are during the weeks leading up to Christmas?  Traffic?  Nope. Shopping stress?  Absolutely not.  High priced gizmos and endless lists of ne’er-do-wells with their hands out simply due to the fact it’s Christmas and they think you owe them something for their acquaintance?  Piffle.  It’s hearing the same droning Christmas songs over and over and over…….. 

When I become president and supreme ruler of the universe (I’ve already passed the test and am more than qualified.) I promise to decree that radio stations, retail chains, and their ilk who start playing Christmas songs before December 15th will be dynamited.  No, my shoes aren’t too tight and my heart’s not three sizes too small, I just get flippin’ tired of the hype.  By the time Christmas actually arrives, I’m so tired of it I just don’t give a damn anymore. 

Christmas used to be fun and exciting, and not just when I was a kid.   What happened to those times?  We need some new Christmas songs.  Gary, (and you know who you are) get your finger out and start writing!  Help a brother out here!!!

Our family had the best Christmas Eve tradition ever.  The whole crowd would gather at my mom’s parent’s.  My grandparents lived on the top floor of a duplex.  It was a smallish place and all 30 of us would try to fit into a 10 X 10 kitchen.   My mom’s sister lived downstairs and there was a stove in the cellar.  All three would be going full blast.  You needed a map and GPS to get around the dining room to the kid’s table.  A ton of work went into making that night special.  It started days ahead and the excitement built like you wouldn’t believe.  It was just plain FUN!

Just about halfway through the evening, when everyone had just enough to be loud and jolly, the whole place would go dark.  I don’t know who wired the building, but it was never set up for a good old-fashioned Polish Christmas. We would blow at least one fuse every Christmas Eve. 

So there we were, piled into the warmest place on the planet at the time ( and not just from the cooking and the heat, it was warm from being family), in the dark, and someone had to go the four flights down to the deepest, scariest part of the cellar to find and change a fuse.  Woe to the guy standing nearest the door when the lights went out.  None of them new fangled circuit breaker thingies for us! 

I miss those days.  More than a few of the folks who made them great are gone. Those who’ve become part of the family since will never get to experience the trek to the fusebox and to me that’s a damn shame.  The memories live on, bringing a warmth to my heart and a tear to my eye. 

To all who are with  friends and family this year, give them a hug and tell them you love them.  Enjoy the times and make some lasting memories.  To the rest of us, who can’t make it home, as the song so succinctly states:

“If only in my dreams….”


2 Responses to “Christmas thoughts”

  1. 1 Da Goddess December 20, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Well, you just made me cry with those memories of yours.

    And I whole-heartedly endorse your candidacy based solely upon your Christmas music platform.

  2. 2 Sue Sardella December 29, 2009 at 6:47 am

    P – from one far away cousin to another – I love you. And you’re still one of the most warped men I’ve ever had the pleasure of keeping company with! Nana & Pop & your Dad & Marge are laffing out loud from heaven – you know that, don’t you! God bless you for bringing the holiday tear to my eye that’s been missing this entire season! (I think if I weren’t so numb from all that’s happened this past year, the water works would have been turned on full force months ago!!)
    Next time you’re home, I want you to come over for dinner… Joe needs to experience you first-hand, for real!!
    Warmest of thoughts, happiest of New Years’ & ho-ho-ho to you, too…. love, s.

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