Fun with flying machines

Fun day at work today.  As soon as I figure out which of the yahoos down in Brazil designed the pile of rivets and sheet metal I’ve been fighting with for the last three days, I’m gonna kick him right in the jimmy.    I really have to wonder just what they were thinking when they decided to put that little black box underneath the rudder pedals where you can’t get to it, let alone see the bolts to get them started. 

It was another win for truth and justice however.  I managed to get the blasted thing in and connected while only dropping the bolts five or six times.  Kinda  hard to start a bolt with one finger when you’re upside down and in the dark. 

The skills are coming back faster than I expected.  I only had to stop once to think which way that electrical connector tightened so I could safety wire it.  Does it matter I had to do the safety wiring three times ’cause I kept breaking it?


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