Yeah, yeah, I know….

OK, so it’s been more than a month.  I apologize from the heart of my bottom.   Things have been busy up here. Between work, putting the semi final touches on the cabin, tearing up the countryside on the sleds, and curling my fat ass off, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and post anything. 

So what’s been happening…  The cabin kitchen is coming along great.  I have to admit, the bar top came out far better than I expected.  It’s made of aromatic cedar with a gentle cedar stain and covered in 8 or 9 layers of high gloss polyurethane.  We scuffed it up between coats with quad-aught steel wool and I watersanded between the last two coats as well.  Looking at it is like looking through half an inch of glass.  Now that the sun’s actually making it through the windows, it really takes on a deep rosy glow and warms things up a lot.  The countertops and shelves are in, as are two of the four drawers I’ve knocked together.  Things look like I almost have an idea what the hell I’m doing.

The company’s bought three DC-9’s and I’ve been working on writing some of the maintenance manuals for them.  Finally, after 10 years of civilian life I get to play with real jets where the cold air goes in the front and really hot air comes out the back really fast.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the Embraers we have and the one Cessna Caravan with their Pratt & Whitney turboprops, but that big ass fan on the front just makes things look funny.  And the PT-6 engine on the Caravan is built backwards.  The air goes in the back and comes out the front.  I drove my dad nuts with that one for a while when I started working on helicopters back in ’99. 

While the rest of y’all are freezing and moaning about the snow, We’re basking in mid-40 above temps.  That’s right, it’s not a typo, I said above.  Things are gonna get ugly once the weather gets back to normal and all this melted snow freezes again.  I counted 12 cars in the ditch or the median on the way home from work last night.  If ya can’t drive on slick roads, move your happy ass back to Florida from whence you came.  See Important Safety Tip # 4 in my previous post.   I dunno what’s up with Ma Nature, but she’s got a serious case of Alzheimer’s going on methinks.

I managed to catch a little bit of the Olympic curling.  Get me a jacket. I can miss those shots too.  I like the Canadian teams chances.  Kevin Martin, the men’s skip is a machine.  The guy just doesn’t miss.  And I don’t know where they found the women’s  skip, but she has one of the most focused deliveries I’ve ever seen.  One thing they GOTTA do tho is get a commentator who’s at least seen the game once or twice.  This yahoo has zero clue and it’s maddening to listen to him call a game.   

I did get a call from my brother last night.  He, of all people, was  trying to explain curling to a couple coworkers ( bless him!).  My family curls vicariously through me mainly because my siblings are wimps and won’t go out in the cold, and I can’t seem to get Heltcha onto the ice.  So the message went: “What happens when you’re sweeping down the ice and you kick a rock?”  That happens a lot during the beginner leagues and at the bonspiels when everyone’s been tippling a glass or two dozen.  Not so much at the world-class levels.  What happens depends on which rock was moved and when.   There are only two confusing rules to this game and this is one of them. 

If the rock’s in motion, it gets taken out of play immediately. That’s called a burned rock.  (Anything hitting a rock once it’s in motion will burn the rock; your foot, your broom, anything falling out of your pocket, or your fat ass when you fall down.)  If it’s at rest, it gets put back where it was.  Or left where it was moved.  The choice is up to the skip whose team did not move the rock.  Pretty simple really. 

Hark! A call to the table!  I love it when the better half cooks.  She’s way better at it than I.   Til next we meet…


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