Blame me…

So I guess I caused it.  I’m gonna get blamed for World War III so I may as well take the blame for this too.   I have my alarm clock tuned to a seriously annoying radio station so I have to get out of the rack and shut it off.  The first thing I hear is the weather.  Bear in mind there are only two types of people who try to predict the weather up here and they’re either newcomers or idiots.  What I heard was:

“Gonna be a great day, highs in the 40’s to low 50’s.  But it’s gonna get ugly tonite.  Chance of rain this afternoon with snow tonite.  Up to 2 inches expected. ” 

Now I remember saying in my last post that it’ll probably snow once more before the year is out.   Shouldn’t have said that.   So it’s my fault.  Again.

I’m still on the remembering curve at work.  Those few years I took off from bending wrenches buried a lot of my skills in the bottom of my milk carton.  (That’s another post..  It’ll make sense then.)  So there I was….grinding away on the lower cowling of one of our little bugmashers.  The thing’s made out of fiberglass and was cracked in a few places.  The last few guys who fixed the cracks before I got to it just slathered a whole heapin’ pile o’ fiberglass mat and resin on it and called it good.  I’m waiting for supply to deliver a few parts, so I have the time to grind off the old stuff and put a couple of sheet metal patches in there to fix it proper like. 

One of the things I detest when I’m working is long sleeves.  They just flat bug the hell outta me so I either roll up the sleeves on my flannel shirts or push up the sweatshirt sleeves.  Important Safety Tip # 15 – Don’t do that when you’re grinding off fiberglass.  I had my safety glasses on, my dust mask, my hard toed boots, all the gear….except for my arms from the elbows down.  Didn’t notice much until I finished grinding and started making the patches.I’m just glad it was mid afternoon and not 8 AM.   

The repair I’m making is basically a sheet metal sandwich with a fiberglass filler.  I’m going to have to sand off the excess glass I laid in tomorrow morning.  Guess where my sleeves will be…..


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