There I was…

There I was… just trying to get one stupid piece of plastic to fit into this airframe.  The company that makes the interior parts (it’s not the same guys who built the airplane originally) make them just a shade big.  The words “trim-to-fit” strike fear into my heart not unlike “some assembly required” does to my younger bro.   It wouldn’t be such a hassle if I could just easily climb in and out of the plane.  But I’m still waiting for parts for the nose gear and it’s still up on jacks.  So getting in and out isn’t as easy as you’d think. 

So I get the thing close after several trips back and forth to my box for more trimming.  A couple of tweaks here and there, a couple new screws to hold it all in, and 3 hours of in and out, sweatin’ and cussin’ were finished.  All that’s left is to check the lights and the radio speaker….and they don’t work.   What the hell???  

Imagine that……with all the fitting, I was just so flippin’ happy to get the bloody thing to finally go in correctly and look halfway decent, I totally spaced hooking all the wires up.  Even after leaving myself a big ass note to hook the damn wires up BEFORE I do the final fit. 

So out it all comes again….and I think the air is still a bit blue tinged inside that cabin….


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