One day closer to breakup..

I’m not real sure which school o’ design the engineers who designed the bugmashers I work on went to….maybe the NY School of Fashion?  All I have to ask is what genius puts a spring within a bigger spring when one that has sufficient force will do?  There has to be a limit to the amount of nicks one can put into the curved end of a spring before it starts to fail.  To be real honest, I’m not even certain what the whole purpose of this spring(s) is (are).  The parts it’s connected to don’t appear to move in relation to each other when the nose gear moves….  If I had a nickel for every cuss word I uttered trying to get that damn thing stretched and connected this morning, I wouldn’t have to work anymore.  

Other than that, just another great early spring day in the Frozen Freakin’ North.  We had everything from snow to sun to rain to sleet to snow again.  All within a couple of hours of each other.  The wind decided to kick up this afternoon and I gotta tell ya, it’s got some bite to it.   The ice is still in at the bridge in Nenana so I haven’t made $300,000 yet.   I do believe this is the year one of us in the family will hit it.  And the Cubs will go to the Series.  And your taxes will go down, your house value up, and you’ll lose weight while you sleep.  Product sold by weight not by volume, actual mileage may vary…..

And with that, I’m off to pour a bevvie.  Capt Morgan’s spiced rum and orange pineapple juice.  Try it.  It tastes like those orange cream filled ice cream things we had when we were kids.


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