I gots faith in my Cubbies

Finally got that nightmare of an airplane out of the hangar and back into the sky where it belongs.  There’s never anything easy on these things.  How hard can it be to put a couple hundred pounds of nitrogen into a strut anyway?  The answer to that is not very when you have the right gear to do the job.   I didn’t.  At least not the gear specifically  for the fittings in the struts.  So I had to change the fittings on the airplane to work with the  hose coming off the nitrogen cylinders (which I used to sell to these guys. Go figure).  Either way, it’s done, the paperwork’s all signed off, and it’s ready to go perforate the aerospace.   Monday starts the next one.

I dunno..  the Cubbies are at an even .500, 5 and 5, and it’s only a couple of weeks into the season.  I’m just not feeling it this year.  Sorry, bro.  Last year was next year if you’re a Cubs fan (I’m not) and I just don’t think Lou and the boys have what it takes to get there again this year.  So next year is next year.  Why do I go on about the Cubs if I’m not a fan?  Lemme tell ya….

Just shy of two decades ago, I met a gal.  Met her by telephone.  The internet hadn’t been invented by Al Gore yet and the best we had was the phone.  She worked in England for the Ministry of Defense and I was stationed in Germany at a detachment for a fighter wing based in England.  Stick with me here….it’ll make some semblance of sense, I promise.  Her job was to gather all the documentation for maintenance and flying on the wing’s aircraft and mine was to do the same for the jets deployed from the UK to our little base in Germany.  I had to call all this back to the main base every day and we got to know each other through those calls. 

I managed to snag a ride back to the UK on our supply C-130 and we actually met and went out.  One date lead to two and the closing of our detachment lead to me going back to the UK.  To make a long story short, we ended up married and living happily ever after until we got divorced in 1996.   I swore then I wouldn’t get married again until the Cubs went to, and won, the World Series.  

I reckon I’m fairly safe.  It’s been 101 years since they won the Fall Classic and over 60 since they’ve even played in it.  To put that into perspective,  my grandfathers were 3 years old the last time the Cubs won the Series.  It’d be a quarter century before my dad was born.  The closest they came was a couple of years ago.  Anyone who follows baseball even a little bit remembers the foul ball that Steve Bartman interfered with.  It cost me 500 bucks to get him to reach out and grab that ball.  (She wasn’t the one)

So, brother of mine,  I know you have your hopes and your money on the Cubbies, but I gots faith in ’em.  I’ll see ya in October…..


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