After two years, I finally put the finishing touch on my front bathroom remodel.  What started out as a two-week project and went downhill from there is finally finished.    I found a replacement light/fan combination that I liked.

Of course it’s never as easy as remove and replace.  Nah, can’t be.   I mean how hard can it be?  Pull the old one out, hook the vent hose and wires to the new one and Bob’s yer uncle. Even I can handle that.  Except…..

The outlet from the fan is four inches in diameter and the hose is three.   You don’t find this out until the old unit’s pulled out of the ceiling and the power’s turned off.  Off to the hardware store  for an adapter which doesn’t quite fit right.  A little modification, a cut or two here and there, presto!  It now fits and stays in place with the Handyman’s Secret Weapon….duct tape. 

So the new unit’s all set to go in here and I just have to get it into the opening.  Except the housing’s too tall and wide for the existing opening.  Out comes the Leatherman and the drywall begins to fall.  Just twizzle it up into there, (don’t forget to run the wiring through the housing, dumbass) and use a little tape to hold it while I grab the hammer and a couple nails.  

That’s in, now just hook up the wiring……who’s the nimrod that designed this??  How the hell do I connect 12 gauge wires with a 16 gauge wirenut??  What were you thinking?  Out to the garage to track down a few nuts….

OK..  switch is off, go turn on the breaker. No sparks, and the breaker stayed closed, always a good sign.  Flip the switch and we have fan!!!!  HOOORAY!!!   Grab the light fixture…What the hell?  No bulbs?  You gotta be kidding me. Off to the hardware store for two (COUNT “EM!!) light bulbs ’cause they’re a special lamp that I just don’t have lying around. 

Bulbs in, lens on, and……   IT WORKS!  And it looks pretty damn nice too.   Total trips for extra stuff they don’t tell you about in the multi-language, drawn for second grader instructions – 2.  Total cost of said items – 5 bucks.  Total cost in time and gas – way too much.

But it’s DONE.    Now if I can just finish the kitchen.


1 Response to “Finally…”

  1. 1 Da Goddess May 10, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to see it.

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