As often happens in my life, I have yet another friend moving.   Growing up as a military brat and then spending twenty plus years in the service myself, I’ve kinda gotten used to the fact that people come into and out of my life pretty regularly.  It’s never a fun thing to have a friend move away or to move away yourself.  There’s always the promised “we’ll keep in touch” and, thanks to Al Gore, the exchange of emails.  It’s still tough.

KC’s been a pretty good friend for a number of years. We swap critters when needed, check in with each other to make sure neither of us has become a dark spot on the floorboards.  She ‘s been good comic relief and a great sounding board when I was doing the whole career change thing.  The opportunity came for her to get a better job in warmer climes and as I suspected, she took it.  Gonna miss her.  I really hope Oklahoma’s good to her.

So I’m sitting here watching the Cubbies beat up on Arizona.  The Cubs actually managed to win yesterday as well.  Does two games constitute a streak?  I suppose it does if you’re the Cubs…  I’m not worried though.  After all, they’re playing Arizona who aren’t exactly a menace in the NL. 

A little excitement at the airport yesterday.  We had a charter flight on one of our Embraers so I got to go be Joe Wrench, the just in case guy.  It was almost the same thing I did in Uncle Sam’s Traveling Air Circus.   Anyway, the charter gets back late afternoon and I’m out there jawing with the flight crew.  Alaska Airlines is our major carrier and they have a 5 PM arrival to Fairbanks.  I heard this jet on final and looked over to watch the landing.  It’s just something I’ve done forever.  Except this jet’s a lot too high and a lot too fast. 

No big deal says I, just a routine go-around; some yahoo must have wandered onto the runway.  More training on runway incursions on the way for us.  Yay.  The jet goes around and then the crash trucks roll out.  Along with every piece of fire and EMT gear in town.  I guess being the biggest event in the last 50 years, everyone wanted to get into the newspaper story about it.  

One of the flight crew guys gets on the horn to a buddy and finds out they have a landing gear unsafe indication on the flight deck.  The go around was so the tower could get a look at the jet to see if the gear were in fact down.  (there are lines painted on the plane and the gear. If they’re lined up, it’s down and locked.)  The jet lands and all’s well.  A lot of noise and excitement amongst the first responders, but for naught. 

Still, it’s good to know they’re out there and ready.


1 Response to “Sunday”

  1. 1 Da Goddess May 10, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Hate seeing friends move. The good news is that (as you well know) there are these nice things called planes that do more than just sit there waiting for you to work on them. You can actually get on board one and take it somewhere like OK or NV…anywhere in the world really.

    Now, c’mon down and visit!

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