Summer’s about here

 The trees have started leafing out, my grass (such as it is) has started turning a sickly shade of green.  I think that’s where Subaru got their color idea for their station wagons.  Sorry, but that’s what they are.  We’ve had a bit of rain, some pretty good winds, and the state’s on fire already.  Those are all solid signs that our 90 days of springsummerfall are here.

Got motivated this evening and pulled the cover off the boat.  Filled a tank, hooked up the battery, dragged the hose around the house to the motor and hooked the earmuffs up.  Gonna start this thing up and use it more than twice this year!  Went to turn on the water and nothing.  Easy fix, sez I, there’s just a small ice plug in the line from the inside to the outside.  The heat just hasn’t got there yet.  Out with the heat gun , couple minutes on the house side, couple on the valve side and Robert’s your mother’s brother.  Nope.  Not this time. 

Okay.  I’ve done this before.  Off with the handle, out with the valve body (LEFT hand threads, Nimrod!) and CRAP, move your feet before they get wet.  Wasn’t I gonna put a shut off in the line in the crawl space this time last year?  Guess I just didn’t get to it.  Put it on the list.  Okay, we gots water, we gots sparks, we gots gas,  somewhere around here is a cold beer.  Where the hell are the keys?  Oh yeah, right where you left them on the shelf inside the kitchen door.   All set.  How do I do this again?  That key, lift the handle, push the key in and turn…. and maybe the Cubs are going to the playoffs!  It started first turn.    Eat yer heart out neighbor, my boat’s running and yours isn’t even uncovered yet.  Neener, neener, neener.  Now all I need is some decent weather Saturday and there’ll be fresh rainbow trout for dinner.    

It was such a productive evening I managed to get the trailer tires inflated, replaced the tail light lamp I borrowed for the sled trailer back in December, and played Chemical Ali on the wild rose bushes that are trying to take over my backyard.  All in all, not a bad night chorewise.  Thanks to Chowmi, his good lady wife, Ally, and the mosquito magnet they bequeathed to me when they headed south, it was even pleasant. 

And I was kidding about the Cubbies.


1 Response to “Summer’s about here”

  1. 1 Da Goddess May 29, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Neener neener neener? My God, that reminds me of Michelle Murphy and how we used to taunt each other in 5th grade. We so need to work on your vocabulary. Or not. I just never thought I’d witness a grown man uttering such a thing.

    Enjoy the boat!

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