Rain at last!

There I was…another Alaskan summer weekend planned at the cabin and I’m set to go catch the wily Arctic Grayling.  They’re fun and voracious feeders.  Basically if it looks like a bug and it’s floating, a grayling will attack it unreservedly.  It’s still a little early in the season, but the fish were cooperating and I managed to fool a few with my version of a caddisfly.  That is when it wasn’t raining which was almost all weekend.  That in its ownself is a double-edged sword. 

We’re burning pretty well up here; some 90 fires going and the smoke’s been pretty thick in the Tanana Valley.  The rain will help that a bit, but I don’t think it was enough to make that big a difference.  It’s been dry as dust at my house as well.  The flowers are taking their time about growing so the rain we had will help there as well. 

I was in a rush to get out the door for the weekend and that leads me to Important Safety Tip # 16.  When you’re in a hurry, make certain your backpack is cleared of all small hardware.  I had one of those plastic packages of small wire brads in the top pocket of my backpack.   When I grabbed it to get my poop in a group, said box came flying out of the pocket.  Gravity and centrifugal force being what they are, I now had several dozen tiny sharp pointy objects scattered about the carpeting in my bedroom.  There are two, no, three, answers to this.  

First, and the one I chose, leave it be until I get back. Two, go around and find each little nail, fight it out of the carpet with my stubby fingernails, and drop it in the box. Or three, go get a magnet off the fridge and pick ’em up en masse.  Being an esteemed member of the technical trades where your machines don’t always park on dry ground, I’ve dropped tools and hardware into the drink.  A magnet on the end of a length of string is essential to retrieve that spendy Snap-On wrench.  Screwdrivers are a whole ‘nother issue.  They fall point down and are hard to get back.  Cheap is good there…  So a magnet off the fridge, a couple passes across the carpet, and I can walk barefoot again. 

Don’t ask what the brads were doing in there…


1 Response to “Rain at last!”

  1. 1 Da Goddess June 8, 2010 at 12:46 am

    Being the rebel that I am, what WERE the brads doing in your backpack?

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