odd that this made me wonder.

There I was…  sitting on the couch with a cold bevvie and watching the mariners get beat again when an ad for one of the world’s largest fast food chains came on.  The voiceover talked about catching the 6:37 train and how it was crowded and one could beat that by catching the 6:05 train.  That’s when it hit me.

I have about a half an hour’s commute each way.  It’s 20 miles or so.  I start at 8 AM and ge up about 6 30 or so to get to work about 7:40 to 7:45.  Gives me a chance to get the day set up and grab a cup of aerospace alertness fluid.  Just the formalities before the chaos begins.  It’s almost like playing the national anthem before a Cubs game.  I think of my work day as starting when I leave the house and ending when I get home.

This is targeted at a demographic which wakes up a full three hours before they have to start work and they spend an hour and a half of that just getting there.  Add the return trip in the evening, not including the usual overtime or missed train departure, and you’re looking at 12 hour days, every day.   Why would anyone do that intentionally? 

I’d have to be getting paid an absolute assload of purchasing units.  Either that or I’m finding a job closer to home.


1 Response to “odd that this made me wonder.”

  1. 1 Da Goddess June 20, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Family dictates you live at point A. A good job requires that you show up at point B. If you’re lucky, they are within minutes of each other. Reality says they aren’t.

    I used to drive 70 minutes each way to get to clinicals when I was in nursing school and would have gladly made that same drive if I could have secured employment at one particular hospital. At least until I could have convinced the former husband that a move would have been a good idea.

    All I know is that the job has to pay really well or is something you love with all your heart to add an hour or so each way to your work day.

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