what next?

So I’m driving home from work tonite, listening to the radio and threading my way through the disparate number of Subarus on the roads up here, when the latest pearls of wisdom from our Criminal in Chief emanates from the speakers.  He’s rambling on how this whole deal in the Gulf is BP’s fault and they’re responsible for all the resident’s lost revenue based on the lack of tourists.  He’s gonna MAKE SURE BP uses every resource at its disposal to compensate the residents.  All I have to say is good luck making that happen.

I live in a state where tourism is major business.  My last aviation job was running an airline dedicated to tourists.  Those poor guys alone are down about 30 percent.  Can we get BP to pay for that too, Barry?  I’m sure we can find a way to link the oil in the Gulf to the drop in tourists in Alaska this year.  The guys I work for now have a stake in tourism too and my paycheck’s been affected.  Can you give me a hand here, Dear Leader?  Lawyers are tripping over themselves to get lined up for this.  

I don’t want to know how much BP’s spent to try to fix this.  I’m sure it’s somewhere north of the GNP of most countries and it’s not over yet.  Nations were falling all over each other offering help when this first happened and our enlightened administration said we had a handle on it.  Now that they’ve screwed this up by the numbers, the administration is more than willing to put the blame on someone else. 

This just makes me pure angry.


1 Response to “what next?”

  1. 1 Da Goddess June 20, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    I, too, am sick of the Great One’s mouthiness on the spill. He had the power to suspend the Jones Act in order to accept help from other countries. Countries we trust. And they did come forward with offers of assistance in the beginning.

    Obama seems to be a little too busy with cocktail parties to make any true effort to do right by the Gulf Coast or anywhere else since he took office.

    We don’t need Steve Urkel threatening to kick some butt. We need Laurence Fishburn from Pulp Fiction to really step up to the plate and make something happen. Sadly, we’re stuck with Urkel

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