Almost the weekend

It’s almost the end of another fun week with flying machines.  Got to fight with yet another wonderful product of the sadists in Kansas, the Cessna Gang.  Pressurization problems this time. Add to that a door issue  and the fun never ends.  I’m not sure why the designers would make a 1300 dollar part that’s bigger than the hole it goes into, but they did.  All it does is unfold the steps from the door as the door’s lowered.  I guess gravity doesn’t work in the Cessna universe the way it does in mine.

The last couple days have been spent getting to know the Embraer Brasilia a little better.  This is a sexy little regional airliner with a couple of snappy Pratt & Whitney turboprops bolted on the wings.  We have four of them flying in both the cargo and passenger roles.  The Brasilia will hold 30 passengers pretty comfortably and blasts along at 300 knots.   Other than the fact that  the hydraulic systems are color coded instead of labeled left and right, it’s  pretty straight forward to wrench and can be a lot of fun.  

Gonna be a nice weekend at last.  May get a bit of fishing in……


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