Fall’s on the way…

Fall’s a-comin”…  it’s starting to get darkish after midnight now and the leaves are getting that warm yellowy color that reminds me so much of big rainbow trout and good scotch.  A truly wonderful combination if there ever was one.  In fact, the picture at the top of this page was taken a week shy of two years ago.  I really like the spring and summer up here, but fall is my time of year.  Always has been…

So I get home from work this evening, take Doggus Maximus for a wander, and rummage through the kitchen for dinner for both of us.  She’s easy; a couple cups into her bowl and it’s all tail waggin’ and snorfling from there.  I’m a little tougher to cook for.  Had a couple chicken fillets thawed already and there’s a bag of charcoal (none of that fancy ass new fangled propane nonsense) on the deck just waiting to be burnt.  The nice thing about charcoal is it gives you time to marinade the chicken while it burns down.  Half an hour or so in Lupo’s lemon-garlic marinade ( http://www.spiedies.com/index.php) seven or eight minutes a side, and dinner’s served.  Sliced and dropped into a fresh salad coupled with a chilled Alaska Amber Ale…yummy.

Just another fun day at work.  Had a couple of writeups for touch up painting, so I got out the spray gun.  Have I mentioned just how much I hate to paint?  The actual act of slathering paint onto a surface isn’t so bad, it’s the prep and cleanup work that is pure hell on earth.  Anyway, it’s done until the fly the beast again and the paint I didn’t replace peels off.

Who says a job well done needs never be done again?  Try mowing your lawn….


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