Fun with hydraulics

I think it’s Tuesday.  At least I hope it’s Tuesday, ’cause that’s what I’ve been putting on all the paperwork today.  The engine oil issue, the one with the metal where it shouldn’t be, is sort of kinda, if ya squint real hard, fixed.  I filled the engine with new oil, installed a new filter, and ran the hell out of the offending engine.  Burnt my fingers a few times afterwards taking the filter back off to cut it open and pulling the top six spark plugs out of the cylinders to check the compression ratios.  Didn’t see much of anything in the oil and there wasn’t anything wrong with the compressions, so after further review and consultation with the gurus at the factory, we’re goning to fly it a bit.  Do all this again in about 10 flight hours.  We’ll see what happens…

The rest of the day was filled with hydraulic fluid and extremely tight spaces.  The Boys from Brazil saw fit to place the relief valves for the hydraulic systems (there are two of each) in the damnedest place. The book says the job should take one guy twenty minutes. It took me that long just to open all the panels I needed to pull just to get to the lines leading to the valves. Another hour to disconnect the lines and clean up the gallon of fluid that drained out.  I finally got one valve out.  Of course we don’t have the seals or backup rings I need to put it all back together.  They’ll be here Friday.  I’m glad I took pictures of things as I took it apart.  Getting old is hell.

Tomorrow’s another day of fun with the other system.


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