Time flies….

Time flies when you’re having fun.  At least that’s the excuse I’m using to explain away the unbelievably huge gap in posts here. Fun,  in this case, is long days at work fighting badly translated Brazilian technical manuals, a spotty supply system, and aviation engineers who were perpetually peeved at mechanics.  It’s been a fun-filled couple of weeks to say the least. 

In between bouts of maintenance, I managed to get down to Valdez for some late season salmon and halibut fishing.  Gorgeous place even if you couldn’t see through the mist and low clouds hanging in the mountains (pics are on my Flickr page, see the link to the right).  We got there one weekend too late it appears though.  No fish to speak of, but a great couple days none the less.  I’ve been here nigh on fifteen years and that was my first trip to Valdez.  I mostly go north and west in pursuit of broken flying machines. 

The last few weeks have been spectacular.  Temperatures in the mid 60’s, crystal clear, and just a hint of a breeze.  Took the opportunity to grab my fly rod and head to a local lake after work one evening.  As per usual, it was just me, a cow moose having dinner in the shallows, a few eagles, and a buttload of good-sized trout willing to rise to a dry fly.  It was just cool enough as the sun set to bring a thin fog off the glassy surface.  There’s just something magical about September trout.  Throw in a measure or three of sublime single malt Scotch and the evening becomes complete. 

That nice weather’s gone now.  Late fall has arrived with 30 knot winds, highs in the low 40’s and frosted over truck windows in the morning.  The plus is I get to burn some of the firewood that made me sweat this summer and the leaves have been stripped from the birches in the back yard.  This weekend is slated for the leaf blower, a lawn vacuum, and trying to get the snowblower started.  I know winter’s very, very close and most people are griping about it already, but I absolutely love this time of year.   Keep your hot days and your beaches…

Came home to a great surprise tonight as well.  Box on the front step full of Helcha’s cookies and a big ass rawhide bone for the pooch!   Big thanks to her and little sis for knocking that together.  Doggus is a happy puppy as well; haven’t heard anything from her other than contented gnawing for about an hour.   The tail hasn’t stopped yet though….


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