The rocks are back!

It’s been a long summer and, judging from my first couple of forays out onto the ice, I’ve forgotten everything I learned last year about sliding rocks down ice.  Yep, curling season is once again upon us here in the Frozen Freakin’ North and I couldn’t be happier.   The club has a Curling 101 class going on this week for all the newbies and those of us who are old, decrepit, and suffer from bouts of where-the-hell-are-my-keys-and- what-turn-did-you-just-ask-me-to-throw-itis.  I’m helping out a bit during the on ice portion of the class and sneaking in a few dozen rocks at the same time.  Leagues start Thursday and I’m no where near ready.  Bad part of that is my skip from last year has taken a sabbatical from competitive curling, leaving  the other guys from our comp league team with yours truly as skip.  Third Rule of Curling (as listed by me and in no particular order depending on how the team fared and how many frosty cold carbonated adult malt beverages I’ve imbibed):  It’s ALWAYS the skip’s fault.

Some new faces around the sheets this year and I have three brandy spankin’ new rookies to corrupt on my Tuesday night Fun league team.  It’s always fun to watch the new gang and see when the light bulb comes on finally.  It’s as though they can suddenly speak Swahili or something.  Their faces light up, there’s a huge grin, and you can actually see the AH HA! moment happen.  It’s neat.  I actually picked the rookies on purpose.  Keeps me level and reminds me that this is a game and it’s FUN!   

Ya’ll should try it sometime….


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