Doggus and stairs

Been a busy week up here in the Frozen Freakin’  North.  It’s that time of year again when it may rain, might snow, may do both at the same time, or it just might be 75 and sunny.  It was 50 yesterday and snowed most of the day today.  Friday was one of the times it decided to just rain.  Then it got a wee bit nipply and all that rain froze. 

Doggus has been running through her third or fourth puppy stage and has been basically a 75 lb package of pure adrenaline lately.  (God bless her, she’s 12, for Pete’s sake.) So we’re up at the cabin this weekend and it’s Saturday morning.  Doggus has the same thing on her mind that I do and that’s going outside to realign the world inside.  Out the door we go and she’s down the front steps like a kid.  Hits the first step fine and that’s when things turned real ugly. 

There are 7 or 8 steps from the deck to the ground and all but the top are covered in ice.  She managed to hit all of them and come up hard against the lower railing post in her tumble.  Then my end of the retractable leash bangs her in the melon, because the first thing I did was let go to keep from either hanging the poor thing or ending up right there with her.  Not a peep out of her the whole way down. She pops right back up and starts heading for the trees.  I’d have bet a nickel she was gonna be banged up pretty badly.

(A bit of back story here.  Doggus is neurotic.  I blame my mid-life crisis.  The dog will not go unless she’s off in the trees or the tall grass and hidden. And she’s afraid of water, ducks, squirrels, snowflakes, and leaves.  A LAB.  Afraid of water and ducks.  Go figure.  She does, however, like moose, beer, and having her ears scratched for hours.)

A couple hours later and she can’t put her left hind foot on the ground at all.  It was painful to watch her try to walk, but she managed fair enough.  We get back into town and I haul her off to the pet doc’s.  The vet gives her a going over and suggests I bring her in for x-rays and a bit more troubleshooting.  Got that scheduled and dropped her off at the shop this morning.

When I pick her up this afternoon, the doc gives me the lowdown on the Lab.  A fair amount of arthritis in her hips and knees (kinda like her owner) , a new manicure given while she was snoozing under the anesthetic, and a doc amazed at how well she’s doing for being an old dog.  A few pills for the pooch (a better life thru chemistry!) and we’re all set.

Great news as far as I’m concerned. I was dreading that this might be the end of Doggus Maximus.


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