Fun on ice without rocks

As I feared, the byways of the Frozen Freakin’ North were exactly that this morning; frozen and freakin’.  It’s always fun to see who forgot how to drive during our relatively short three mild seasons.  Didn’t I tell you?  We have four seasons up here:  Mud, Dust, Mud and Ice.  That last one is just starting again.

There I was, fighting my truck out of the driveway and down the ruts that pass for a road in front of my house.  It was an early start; I left the house at 6:30 for an 8 AM start at work, some 25 miles away.  I figured if I got out in front of the newcomers and school buses, I just might make it to work in one piece and with what little hair I have left still intact, albeit a little grayer.  It took just about all of that hour and a half.  The dusting of snow which had fallen the evening before covered the ice from the rain that fell ahead of it.  Makes an interesting surface on which to drive, let me tell you. 

I hadn’t gone half a mile before I encountered the first out-of-state (Georgia, naturally) plate upside down in the ditch.  The poor sod was the first of about a dozen.  I still haven’t figured out how you can flip a car going down a flat, straight, paved road, but there are plenty of people who can manage to achieve that delicate combination of physics.   Driving up here during the winter is an inherently hazardous endeavour at the best of times.  It’s not really dangerous, contrary to what Ice Road Truckers would have you believe,  as long as you pay attention and think a bit before you start out.

Still, I’d rather drive here on the dark, cold, icy, critter-infested roads of the Frozen Freakin’ North, than spend another mile on the lunacy of the interstates around Chicago.


1 Response to “Fun on ice without rocks”

  1. 1 Helch October 31, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Very good….these are the best

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