Long week…

Been a busy week up here trying to keep a whole heapin’ pile o’ rivets flying in really close formation.  Seems like Joe “Golden Hands” Pilot can break the things faster than I can keep ’em fixed.  It’s an ongoing battle with the operators; they see five airplanes on the parking ramp and think, ” I have five, COUNT ‘EM!, FIVE airplanes to fly today!”  What happens then is they run all five airplanes out of time just about simultaneously.  That starts the griping and whining about how they don’t have any airplanes to fly.  It’s a vicious circle, but it’s a job and it can be fun at times.  One day they’ll listen….and the Cubs will win the Series….

Speakin’ of which, I have twenty bucks against an apple pie that the ALCS goes to 7 games.  The BUMS didn’t come back in Game 1, the Tex-ass Rangers opened the door through bad defense and ugly base running.  If you get a good jump on the pitcher when you’re bluffing a steal, TAKE IT!  ESPECIALLY when you’re down one run and it’s the bottom of the flippin’ NINTH!  Ol’ Horhay behind the plate has a pretty poor record of gunning down runners at second;  (Ever notice how Jorge Posada looks like Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age?)  odds are you’ll get there safely.  Anyway, the next three are in the Bronx and I’m prob’ly out 20 bucks, but what the hell.  I’ll pull for anyone playing against the Yankees.  (Even the Cubs!)

So here I am, doing the way back machine thing again with the 70’s Sirius station, listening to the Top 40 show.  It’s Oct 14, 1978 tonight.  I was all of 18 on that date and working for a subcontractor of IBM inspecting what was then known as a microchip.  It was an inch square and looked like a miniature printed circuit board with a handful of pins sticking out of the bottom side.   My job was to look through a stereoscopic  microscope at a random sample of 1500 or so pieces out of a batch of 50,000 and see what kind of defects had happened during the manufacturing processes.  The ‘scope had a measuring scale in it so I could check things like circuit widths and connector diameters.  The stereo vision gave it a 3-D capability so I could check solder joint heights as well.  Too many defects of one type and the whole run of parts had to be sorted through piece by piece. I got to where I could knock out 6 or 8 of these prechecks a day.  Some of the sorting crew were silly fast at it.  It was a decent job for a kid right out of high school back in the day.  Hell, I was making a whopping $3.65 an hour! (I still have the paystub!) Gas was just over 55 cents a gallon and the bars had 30 cent beer nights.  Those were the days…..

May have to start a weekly entry on this whole way back machine thing.  DaGoddess has her Two-fer-Tuesdays, Mostly Cajun has the Name Game each Sunday… why not?   Break out the polyester powder blue leisure suit, the Dingo boots, and my Mr.T starter kit, and have at it.  Let me get a glass of port and have a ponder…..


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