It’s finally happened.  After 12 years of faithful service, my Makita cordless drill has reached retirement.  I bought this relic at a pawn shop in 1998 when I first got hired on with a small (back then) airline.  It’s a monster of a drill, weighing in at about 2 pounds.  It was the top of the line in its day though. Took quite a beating as well.  This thing has been dropped about a gazillion times, dunked in everything from water to jet fuel, frozen, burnt, and has flown about 50,000 miles around the state.  It never even hiccupped. Until yesterday.

I was replacing a dozen or so ventilation grates in the cargo bay of one of our Embraer 120’s.  I had to drill the holes  in the grates for the screws and then drive the screws.  One tool, two jobs, no sweat;  drill two holes, drive two screws and move on to the next grate. About halfway through the job my drill said “no mas.”   I had to go to my emergency backup drill, a little air powered drill about the size of your palm, (Lovely little thing except for the air hose you have to drag around with it.) and my manually operated, Mark I, Type A, speed handle. Think old-fashioned brace-and-bit drill. 

It’s replacement is a slick little Bosch lithium-ion powered drill/driver.  Nice, compact, light, power for days.   But I’m gonna miss the old gal…..


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