A bit of a sticky wicket

I’m as bad about picking winners as my grandfather was.   I am most assuredly not a shitty Lithvock.  There I was, feeling good about the Series this year because there were two teams that weren’t the Yankees (cough cough, splutter) and the Red Sox.  I’m thinking the Rangers have a chance ’cause no one’s told ’em they can’t win it all and they beat the frappin’ Yankees!  Then Cliff Lee implodes the same night that whiz kid Linsecum has a bad time of it.  Texas has the lesser bullpen in this matchup and San Fran has the bats to give it grief. 

So the Series sits at 3-1, Giants, with Game 5 tonite.  Texas needs to get its collective poop in a group most ricky-tick.    It’d be a shame to lose your first Series in front of fifty thousand-plus loyal fans and two (count ’em! TWO!) ex-presidents.  But how cool would it be to be George the First when you’re asked what you’re doing this evening….

Mr. Presiden’, whacha’ll doin’ this evenin’?

Welp, me & the missus is takin my boy, the president, and his little gal, Laura,  to the ball game…….

Lee vs. Linsecum again.  Should be a good game…..


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