the way back machine #9

After last week’s trip back to 1962, I got to thinking about a catalog my dad’s parents had in their sitting room.  They were married in 1927 and one of my dad’s siblings gave them a reproduction 1927 Sears catalog as one of their 50th anniversary gifts.  Us grandkids were amazed at the pricing from the good old days.  I realized my trip through those ads last week was my Sears catalog…damn, I’m gettin’ old.

Tonight’s version is a wee bit more contemporary.  We’re back to Casey and the top 40 hits from Dec 4, 1971.  A mere 10 years to the day before I got married the first time.  (it wouldn’t be the last.)  So what was happening this week in 1971…  The dollar was devalued for the second time in history.  How soon will the next time be?   Tricky Dick hadn’t yet been caught, the Middle East was at war with each other, (what else is new?)  A few days prior, a guy named B.D. Cooper jumped out of a 727 during a thunderstorm after talking the authorities out of $200,000 and a parachute.  Not a trace of our boy, B.D. or the cash have ever been found.  I’m thinking even in 1971, it’s gonna take more than 200 grand to get my but to jump out of a perfectly good flying 727.  Especially one flying through a thunderstorm.   The United Arab Emirates was founded this month when six Persian Gulf shiekdoms join forces.    Could you find the place on a map?   (in a nutshell, Miss P,….) The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 started this week when Pakistan attacks a few Indian airbases.  You’re not gonna win a war of attrition against that many people, Pakistan….    Thirteen days later the Indians are celebrating Victory day of Bangladesh.  The Montreux casino catches fire during a Frank Zappa concert sparking (no pun intended) Deep Purple’s hit “Smoke on the Water”.  The casino’s rebuilt 4 years later.

 Cher (back when she had a last name) was in the charts twice this week.  Once with her hubby Sonny “I can ski” Bono and once as a soloist.  You can still hear her solo hits.  His, with or without her?  Not so much.   Issac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft” falls to second place.  (You have that running through your head now don’t ya?   You’re welcome.)  I can remember playing the song in the jazz band in high school.  It’s entirely possible to run that thing out forever if you add enough solos….ask my old music teacher.

Ike lost the top spot to another funk-soul artist, Sylvester Stone, better known as Sly and the Family Stone, and their “Family Affair”.  Wouldn’t have been my choice, but it’s got a beat and I’m betting you can dance to it.  You can, I can’t.  I’ve seen me dance and that is not a pretty picture.  It was bad enough when I was young, now it’s just another middle-aged white guy trying to look hip.  EWWWWWWWWW………..

Mr Wizard, it’s time to bring this boy home…


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