Gotta love this place

There’s a reason my sister thinks I’m a crazy man.   Fer instance, when I walked Doggus Maximus yesterday morning, it wasn’t too bad out; maybe -15 or so.  Cool and crisp, but nothing unusual.  I went to work, came home about 8 hours later, and it was -32.  That’ll get your attention. 

 It was -38 when I went to bed last night and I forgot to plug in my truck. One of the things you have to do up here is plug your rig in so the electric heaters on the battery, oil pan, and engine block stay warm.  If you don’t, and the bottom of the thermometer drops out, you’re gonna wake up to a frozen truck.  Fortunately, I have Doggus.  We go out for her morning walk early enough that I can plug my truck in and still get the beast started, even at -40. Which is what it was when I got up.  Tonight, it’s 20 degrees warmer and it feels positively balmy. 

You do the math……I’m not really crazy………Am I?


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