Queertrons, part trois

There I was, fighting the Embraer yet again.  I got the lights in the overhead fixed and all was well until this afternoon.  We had to swap our crews out at our forward location in Deadhorse and instead of paying Alaska Airlines to fly our guys around, we decided to use our 30 passenger airplane to fly 12 guys up and back. Makes good sense.

Anyway, we managed to get the jet fired up and running.  The pilots are ready to go when the guy in the left seat holds up his phone.  Mine starts ringing mere moments later.  What I hear is:”The number 1 fuel flow gauge isn’t showing anything.  The engine’s running fine and we can go without it, so we’re gonna launch.”  So off they went to perforate the aerospace and off I went to look through the troubleshooting guide for the fuel flow indication system.  There’s not much to it.  A circuit breaker, some wiring, a flow transmitter mounted to the engine, and the gauge.  That’s the whole system in a nutshell. 

I have an idea that the transmitter just needed to be jump started and called the guys in Deadhorse to try that when the plane gets there.  Sometimes, I’m really good at what I do and that fixed the gauge issue.  However…..there’s always a however….

When they get back to Fairbanks, I pop up to the flight deck to see how much gas they need to get to Anchorage.  And Joe Pilot says with some mirth, “Look at the overhead.”  The lights I fixed last week are all working wonderfully. The other seven panels?  Not so much.   So back into the book of “You can fly without that working” to make sure we really can, a little paperwork, and it’s off to the big city with them.   The jet will be back Monday night. I’ll fix the one wire that’s broken and get the lights working again.

Damn queertrons.


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