Victory is mine!

Or so I hope.  It appears we’ve found and corrected the oil leak on the Caravan engine.   We replaced a couple of suspect seals on the front end while one of the Gang of Three (does three constitute a gang?) replaced the dodgy tachometer generator.  Slapped the cowls back on, dragged it outside, and spun it up.  No leaks noted and the tach works as advertised.  I really like running jet engines.  Kinda miss being able to bang in the old afterburners though.  That was way too much fun.

We even managed to get the Embraer from hell back inside and ran the rudder through its paces.   The primary travels are fine, but the rudder trim isn’t quite right.  Trim is the fine adjustment Joe Pilot can make via a secondary set of controls to compensate for weight, wind, or minor differences in flight characteristics.   What it does is lessen the amount of felt force needed to keep the plane flying straight and level.   Think about how you feel if your car is pulling to the left as you drive  and you have to keep some right pressure on the steering to stay in the lane.  Trim does away with that pressure and is aviation’s way of making it easier to stay in the right lane. 

We’ll get it sorted out.  We actually made a little progress today….


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