or maybe winter.  Who can tell?  It’s snowing yet again in the Frozen Freakin’  North and the weatherguessers are calling for lows to -10 again this week.  No matter.  The sun’s up from before 6 AM till way after 8 PM now and it’s just staying light longer every day.  Spring has got to be on its way.  At least I hope it is because somewhere under this two foot thick blanket of snow is four feet of ice and under that is water full of trout.  And I’m jonesin’ for the feel of a fly rod attached to one of ’em.  It’s been a long winter.

This weekend marks the start of the 76th Annual International Bonspiel at the Fairbanks Curling Club. (http://curlfairbanks.org/)  It’s four days of round the clock curling intermixed with the quaffing of frosty cold carbonated adult malt beverages.  All in all, a really good time and a great way to end another season.  I get a bit of a break this year; my first game isn’t until 10:30 PM Thursday night.  After that it all depends on win or lose.   So if I’m short a post or two this weekend it’s because I’m on the ice…

 And having said that, I’m off to get ahead on what will surely be a serious lack of sleep.


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