As usual

Our man in Louisiana, Mostly Cajun, succinctly and concisely hits the nail right on the head again.  Go ahead, read it.  I dare you.

This was a day for remembrance and reflection on just what it took to get this nation to where it is.   A day to honor those who have gone before us.  In fact, Britain’s version is called Remembrance Day.   Have a look through the pages of a few books I’ve read recently:  Half a Wing, Three Engines, and a Prayer: B-17’s Over Germany  by Brian O’Neill, an accounting of several B-17 flying units during World War II as taken from the crew member’s personal diaries and official action reports, and With the Old Breed: At Pelilu and Okinawa by E.B. Sledge, written by a US Marine from his diary during the Pacific Campaign, come to mind right off the bat.  

It wasn’t easy or cheap, my friends.  Troops killed in battle and civilians killed in those battles invariably left behind someone who’s world just got shattered.   So when you wish someone a happy Memorial Day and they kind of grunt a reply or give you a funny look, rethink what the hell you just said.  Every veteran I know has lost someone to battle, training accidents, or mishaps of one sort or another.  Memorial Day is not a “happy” day for us….


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