At last…

The weather gods have smiled upon us mere mortals and have ended the misery.  The temps have dropped into something resembling Earth as opposed to the surface of Mercury.   This evening ended up being one of those gorgeous nights I remember from growing up here: crystal clear, dead calm,  and with a sky full of stars. 

I found out my older cousin is a cook of the highest order this evening; something that truly surprised me.  Had a great night with her, her hubby, my mom, and my sis.  The laughter flowed easily, the drinks were plentiful, and dinner was a repast of inimitable description.  Good enough that I traded an afternoon of bread making lessons and knife sharpening for the recipes.    I’m can be bribed if y’all want copies…..

All in all a great evening and one which will stick in my mind for a while.  Tomorrow’s another wish list day.  I’m at 11 trips to Lowe’s and counting so far.  Knocking off the small stuff from Heltcha’s wish list so my bro and I can make a solid run at the big ones. 

So, with a more than sated appetite, a couple of high quality black & tan’s under my belt, and a fun-filled evening behind, I head to bed where I may even get to sleep…


1 Response to “At last…”

  1. 1 Terri June 2, 2011 at 7:59 am

    OK, where are those recipes?? U better be planning to share… and I am also soooooo very thankful that the temperatures dropped. I was beginning to feel like the Wicked Witch… “I’m melllll-ting”!!!

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