and banished from the realm, my golf clubs have been incarcerated in the crawl space at my house some 4200 miles away.  They have been traitors and deserved the punishment as befits those who cause golf balls to slice whereupon said ball ends up in the nasty stuff called rough.  It’s been two years since they’ve seen the light of day.   There’s a reason and it’s too obtuse to delve into in this short space.  Suffice it to say my game has withered.

The weather today was incredible and I managed to get through the day without a trip to Lowe’s.  (I know, the Cubs may just pull out of the cellar…)  Got all the chores done, learned how to make one of my favorite Polish dishes from the Queen of Pierogies, Heltcha the Polish Matron, and had yet one more wonderful home cooked dinner.  That lead to a wild hair going somewhere it shouldn’t, so I grabbed my Dad’s clubs and headed off to the local driving range.  I should take a couple of years off more often.  When I get back, they should just about be taking the covers off the greens at the courses.  maybe I oughta commute the sentence on my clubs and play a bit…

Nah,  I’m going fishin’ !


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