You awake yet?

 It’s been wonderful here at the Ol’ Homestead lately. The weather’s been great, I can sleep with the windows open and not worry about the state bird of Alaska crawling through to feast and the evenings have been full of merriment. The downside? Sometime in the last few years, a community of crows have taken up residence in the trees behind the house. Add to them all the cardinals, blue jays, robins, and myriad other common brown peeperbirds and things get a bit loud right around sun up.  Who would have thought a little ball of feathers could make so much racket.

It’s not a big deal, mind you.  In fact, it’s kinda nice hearing all the different critters. All we have up north are ravens and the frozen freakin’ north’s version of the common brown peeperbird. Those guys aren’t sure when sunrise is up there (neither are we human types, it hasn’t been dark for a month), so they just babble along pretty much constantly and it fades into background noise.

This morning was a bit different however. The neighbor across the street decided, at 7:30 on a Sunday, that the lawn needed to be edged and trimmed. Mowers are one thing, they pretty much keep the same level and you can ignore them.  That’s not the case with that infernal invention, the weedwacker. Fer cryin’ out Christmas tree lights, hold the damn trigger in and just go. How hard of a concept is that to grasp?

This same neighbor has installed a motion activated security floodlight. I’m all for being safe and everything that entails, but this thing’s brighter than the sun   I’m not too sure of how good a job it does lighting up their driveway, but  it does an excellent job illuminating the inside of  Heltcha’s house whenever anything in the local area code moves.

It’s a fine Sunday morning, the loony’s finished his landscaping project du jour, and the coffee’s done.  Maybe I oughta switch to decaf……..


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